ChicFinds blue, navy and skins

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This weeks ChicFinds are a mix of that classic style that comes with summer, the navy, red and white. It always looks so good in stripes and the mono colours.  Together it shapes up to be a smart look everytime, a  classic that can’t go wrong. There is something crisp about the three together. Summer also offers the opportunity to wear the nude tones which can look so good all mixed up together or broken up with white. These tones always break a shadow.

Enjoy this weeks Chicfinds!

Inspired by the feminine part of Isabel Marant’s designs here are a couple of links to this week’s ChicFinds! 

And there is more;  link for some stripes and this for some print and this!.

If it is not the blue, navy and red then it has to be one of the skin tones. Nudes in summer look great with a tan and they theme in so well with brown leather (that’s coming in next week’s ChicFinds, beautiful leather bags!) Here are a couple of Chicfinds to inspire that skin tone;  ….link Following in the theme of earthy tones here is this luxurious scarf …Link.ChicFinds will be back next week with some more suggestions, in the meantime watch out for our xmas inspirations. X


August’s top Chicfinds starts with Classic’s

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In the Cambridge dictionary the definition of Classic is ‘having a high quality or standard against which other things are judged’. How do things that are classic make us feel? Timeless, familiarity, sense of quality and elegance. What is is about the blue and white stripe that keeps going and going? It’s classic! Classic is also beautiful, traditional and it’s something that’s so right it can never go wrong. Chicfinds reminds you of the classic so that you know in this world of so much choice what is trend and going and what is classic and staying. . Our first inspiration for what is classic is the black & white photography of one of my favorite photographers, Peter Lindberg. His photography is so classic you wouldn’t know when a shot was taken despite being in the pages of Vogue Italia month after month. The trends translate but with a timeless quality. His frames are so touching and intimate and his style is natural yet eyes are often set in black coal. Black & White are undeniably classic and chic in any shape or form. Lingbergh’s photography is cinemagraphic and theatrical yet he captures a purity and innocence in his portraiture.This is such a famous shot I could hardly not include it and it is such an inspiration to our theme; classic as it shows the beauty of the white shirt. You can’t compete with a beautiful white cotton shirt on either a man or a woman. For a superior level shirt visit one of the Harrolds Stores   you can’t go past the selection by Tom Ford. For the ladies visit Riada in Woollahra, Sydney where there is a beautiful selection of brands including HIGH, Jil Sander Navy and Marithe Francois Girbaud.