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Another photographer that Chicfinds adores is Craig McDean. A renowned photographer and filmmaker whose work repeatedly appears in publications such as i-D, W, Vogue, AnOther Magazine and Interview.  He has photographed campaigns for brands including Christian Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Emporio Armani, Estée Lauder and Calvin Klein. In 1999, McDean created his highly anticipated book, ‘I Love Fast Cars’, highlighting the world of drag racing. He is now represented by Art + Commerce New York ;

Chic Finds the 60’s

Beautiful things, Photography

Chicfinds the 60’s one of the most inspiring era’s for fashion, beauty and aesthetics.

If you love this era for the style then you can’t miss the tv series Mad Men. It is a brilliantly directed and photographed series that is based on an advertising firm in NY on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s. The costumes, hair styles and set design is so well done that you become immersed in the era. Chic finds loves Betty and her every look which signals style, glamour and a throw away feeling that must have come after the war when there was a new found wonderment of life and the sexual revolution!

The pointy shoe, red, black and Bee hive’s are all signatures of the 60’s. A red trench or a pointy shoe scream 60’s siren…. Dolce & Gabbana always have something to offer from this era and this season is no exception with a Sicilian theme. Shop the colleciton with Net a Porter; or go directly to Dolce & Gabbana store:

You cant go past vintage when you want to dress up with a 60’s inspired outfit. The good vintage shops will have that unique piece which will finish the outfit. Visit Eva’s Vintage as they have some amazing dresses, jewelry and knits

Chic Finds loves the photography of Mert & Marcus. Represented by one of the best Photographic Agencies in the world; Art Parner, you can see their amazing porfolio:

Wikepedia this week writes:

“Mert and Marcus are Mert Alas and Marcus Piggottfashion photographers. Their work and style is heavily influenced and shaped by the photography of Guy Bourdin and also the use of digital manipulation of which they have pioneered the use. They have defined the look of the past decade and as a duo are one of the most respected and acclaimed photographers working today.

Mert and Marcus, both born in 1971 in Turkey and Wales, respectively, met for the first time in England in 1994 after having worked for a brief period in completely different areas, the first in classical music and the second in graphic design. Marcus was an assistant photographer and Mert was a fashion photo modeler. After working together in the photography business, they decided to create a team. When they showed their first photos to “Dazed and Confused”, the London fashion magazine, they immediately made the cover.

Strongly known for their portraits of sophisticated, powerful women, Alas and Piggott’s photos lend an air of grace and unmistakable perfection to advertising. “The difference between us and other photographers is that we care a lot about appearance,” says Alas. “We spend most of the time in the make-up and hairstyling rooms”. The team works today for magazines such as Vogue USA, Vogue Italia, W Magazine, Pop Magazine, Numero and Arena Homme Plus. Some of their major clients are top fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Kenzo and Miu Miu. They created the images for perfume houses such as Gucci, Yves St Laurent, Givenchy and Lancôme. “

Chicfinds “What are you wearing” in Paris

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Marion is a Parisian girl. She loves fashion for what it is, works in fashion but loves the natural and authentic parts of life. She has a built in style and loves to wear brights. One item of bright can make an outfit!

What is Marion wearing today on this sunny spring day in Paris…?

She is wearing a coral jersey dress from Supre (she was in Sydney not long ago) a Paul Smith men’s shirt with a necklace from H&M and the finishing touch is nail colour which is from YSL.

Chicfinds the best reads

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Despite the internet and its never ending range of material it still cant beat a beautifully engineered magazine, well not yet anyway. If your a lover of magazines you will know what I mean. The ritual of reading a magazine is so relaxing it goes together with the feeling of taking your shoes off at the end of the day and drinking your favorite brew of herbal tea. As soon as you open to the first page you can sigh with a feeling of relief that you have finally found the time to sit down and take some time out for what ever it is that you find.  Those glossy pages will let you leave your life for a minute and enter into a world of inspiration, informative news stories that give you the full picture, ideas, adventure and places to dream of. Chicfinds suggests its favorite titles….EnjoyX

ChicFinds adores Vogue Paris, if you haven’t been able to tell already! It’s a favorite for the way in which it is graphically and aesthetically designed. Despite the departure of Carine Roitfeld it has remained at the forefront of the fashion titles for its fashion editorials which are very seductive and boarding on naughty. Something comes alive in their representation of fashion and draws you into a theatre, movie or drama.

The world of Interiors has to be one of the most inspirational interior magazines on the magazine stands.  Each issue is like a magical journey linking you to the best of everything in the interior world. Despite photographing some of the most beautiful homes in the world there is a English feel to the magazine that translates in dusty rooms or shabby chic interiors rich of history and culture. Each issue is a precious copy offering a timeless quality so you can flick the pages now and flick them in a couple of years time and still feel as inspired as you did first time around. 

Belle Australia is another interior magazine that is well worth the cover price. Each issue is like a guide to the latest  product available in store and rather than being the obvious it is carefully found and so beautifully photographed. As well as being inspirational Belle also offers ideas and product that are affordable to the average reader. It is an Australian title that is so relevant to it’s market yet it could also be to any  international reader.  

There is an American, English and Australian version of The Week which is a summary on everything that has happened in the world. It is a great source of information summarized for you so that you can stay up to date with international and national affairs in one hit.

D La Repubblica is a weekly magazine that comes out each Saturday in Italy with La Repubblica newspaper. It is a fantastic magazine with beautifully styled editorials, beauty notes  and articles for the modern women that wants to stay close to political and social affairs. Every issue has a very  high level of content mixed with inspirational interiors and amazing food recipes. A favorite is the last page with Umberto Galimberti who is a well known philosopher who touches on many subjects close to the heart! The magazine is an inspiration in itself as it manages to come out weekly with the price of a newspaper. They also offer all their content online. Complimenti!

In terms of American titles Chicfinds suggests W, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. All three are classics of the American way and offer very good journalism with superb quality of photography. Vanity Fair is one that you can keep on reading all month as the stories are so intriguing and varied while W is just sublime with its imagery and design.

If your looking for ideas on what to cook and where to go for the next holiday; Conde Nast Traveller and Gourmet Traveller are the two that Chicfinds suggests. Both are amazing and you just cant go wrong with either as a guide or inspiration for the next trip or dinner party!

Chicfinds August Summer Holidays


Oops, I forgot I no longer live in Europe and so August is no longer my vacation time. What a shame! I am so jealous of all my friends as they go on vacation now and the big European cities become ghost towns while everyone exits to go find some fun, sun and love.

My top 5 are Formentera, Sardegna, Greece, Ibiza and France….Formentera is one of the gorgeous Pine Islands south of Ibiza. It has the most splendid beaches and the waters are crystal clear. The beach culture here is so sensual and relaxing with white sands, sunsets, bars on the beaches with sounds of famous DJ’s. It is still a very natural island and possesses a certain magic. You have go there to know what I mean. For the latest on what’s happening in Ibiza take a look at this informative blog by Maya Claughton.In Greece I would recommend Pathmos, Mykonos and of course Santorini. The islands are magnetic, dynamic and so beautiful you will never forget the energy and forces that you experience when you go. The rhythm is so relaxing you will take no time in feeling like you are a part of its irresistible nature.

Sardegna is the island that takes you captive. Its waters, sands and coast line are unique and so breathtaking you should go around by boat (around the Costa Smeralda). You will be hypnotised by this island and its sensual beauty.Of course there is the Cote d’Azur, but a little secret jewel undiscovered by many is the Ile du Levant. It is a nudist island but you are not forced to be naked. You can enjoy the most sensational nature on this little island with the many scents of the most luscious vegetation surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean. The hotels, restaurants and brasseries are all of a very good standard and add to the chicness and sheer elegance of this tropical and magical paradise. Click here to read more about Ile du Levant and for good deals in travel in general visit

Buona vacanza tutti mie amici vi invidio tanto X



ChicFinds stockings in all the high street stores like Sportsgirl, Bardot and at the markets or vintage stores. One amazing vintage store is Eva’s on Johnston Street, Annandale. She has an amazing selection of vintage dresses, furs, shirts and accessories from all periods. Eva’s Vintage and Designer clothing is really worth a look as she has some of the best you will find.

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