Chic Finds the 60’s

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Chicfinds the 60’s one of the most inspiring era’s for fashion, beauty and aesthetics.

If you love this era for the style then you can’t miss the tv series Mad Men. It is a brilliantly directed and photographed series that is based on an advertising firm in NY on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s. The costumes, hair styles and set design is so well done that you become immersed in the era. Chic finds loves Betty and her every look which signals style, glamour and a throw away feeling that must have come after the war when there was a new found wonderment of life and the sexual revolution!

The pointy shoe, red, black and Bee hive’s are all signatures of the 60’s. A red trench or a pointy shoe scream 60’s siren…. Dolce & Gabbana always have something to offer from this era and this season is no exception with a Sicilian theme. Shop the colleciton with Net a Porter; or go directly to Dolce & Gabbana store:

You cant go past vintage when you want to dress up with a 60’s inspired outfit. The good vintage shops will have that unique piece which will finish the outfit. Visit Eva’s Vintage as they have some amazing dresses, jewelry and knits

Chic Finds loves the photography of Mert & Marcus. Represented by one of the best Photographic Agencies in the world; Art Parner, you can see their amazing porfolio:

Wikepedia this week writes:

“Mert and Marcus are Mert Alas and Marcus Piggottfashion photographers. Their work and style is heavily influenced and shaped by the photography of Guy Bourdin and also the use of digital manipulation of which they have pioneered the use. They have defined the look of the past decade and as a duo are one of the most respected and acclaimed photographers working today.

Mert and Marcus, both born in 1971 in Turkey and Wales, respectively, met for the first time in England in 1994 after having worked for a brief period in completely different areas, the first in classical music and the second in graphic design. Marcus was an assistant photographer and Mert was a fashion photo modeler. After working together in the photography business, they decided to create a team. When they showed their first photos to “Dazed and Confused”, the London fashion magazine, they immediately made the cover.

Strongly known for their portraits of sophisticated, powerful women, Alas and Piggott’s photos lend an air of grace and unmistakable perfection to advertising. “The difference between us and other photographers is that we care a lot about appearance,” says Alas. “We spend most of the time in the make-up and hairstyling rooms”. The team works today for magazines such as Vogue USA, Vogue Italia, W Magazine, Pop Magazine, Numero and Arena Homme Plus. Some of their major clients are top fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Kenzo and Miu Miu. They created the images for perfume houses such as Gucci, Yves St Laurent, Givenchy and Lancôme. “


ChicFinds blue, navy and skins

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This weeks ChicFinds are a mix of that classic style that comes with summer, the navy, red and white. It always looks so good in stripes and the mono colours.  Together it shapes up to be a smart look everytime, a  classic that can’t go wrong. There is something crisp about the three together. Summer also offers the opportunity to wear the nude tones which can look so good all mixed up together or broken up with white. These tones always break a shadow.

Enjoy this weeks Chicfinds!

Inspired by the feminine part of Isabel Marant’s designs here are a couple of links to this week’s ChicFinds! 

And there is more;  link for some stripes and this for some print and this!.

If it is not the blue, navy and red then it has to be one of the skin tones. Nudes in summer look great with a tan and they theme in so well with brown leather (that’s coming in next week’s ChicFinds, beautiful leather bags!) Here are a couple of Chicfinds to inspire that skin tone;  ….link Following in the theme of earthy tones here is this luxurious scarf …Link.ChicFinds will be back next week with some more suggestions, in the meantime watch out for our xmas inspirations. X

Thursday’s weekly Chicfind


We have our first weekly Chicfind’s for purchase….

To purchase this gorgeous suede jacket please follow the link; To purchase these amazing leather pants follow this link: 

Gorgeous dress by Camilla & Marc; Follow the link

For a dress inspired by the above photos from Vogue Italia (Shot by Steven Meisel) please follow the link;  and another gorgeous printed vintage dress at this link:

More to come next week X

Mario Testino has the Midas touch


Mario Testino is the master at turning the most banal situation into the most glamorous and sexy image. He is famous for photographing well known celebrities and has worked with the best magazines in the world while shooting advertising campaigns for the most luxurious brands in the world. I think of him as having the Midas touch, turning everything he touches into Gold.Two other colors that create classic yet timelessness are gold and silver. Black, White, Gold and Silver are a palette that will rarely age. Most beautiful are the venetian mirrors in either finish. They have such a romantic feel and they are so undated that they will fit any style of interior; deco to contemporary. If in Paris, visit Home Prive, 7 Rue de Birague. In Sydney visit The Country Trader in Waterloo and Parterre Gardens in Woollahra.A classic garment that I think is one of the best inventions so far is the trench. Everyone must have one as part of their wardrobe. It is a dateless garment and the masters are Burberry. If you cant quite cope with the latest at retail you must persevere by looking through flea markets or vintage stores. The best vintage you can find in Paris is Le Depot-Vente de Buci-Bourbon, 6 Rue de Bourbon-le-Chateau, Metro: Mabillon. Cavalli & Nastri have two stores in Milano and they are so beautiful you will need time to ponder and wonder without being in a rush. . In London you need to rummage through the various vintage stores on Kings Road and visit Portobello markets on a Saturday. In New York  visit the flea market on Columbus Avenue on the 77th St. Here it is certain that you can find some really ChicFinds. X



ChicFinds stockings in all the high street stores like Sportsgirl, Bardot and at the markets or vintage stores. One amazing vintage store is Eva’s on Johnston Street, Annandale. She has an amazing selection of vintage dresses, furs, shirts and accessories from all periods. Eva’s Vintage and Designer clothing is really worth a look as she has some of the best you will find.

Vogue Paris