Chicfinds feels the elements

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Whether your preparing for shorter or longer days, trips to Paris/Milan for the fashion shows, holiday in Bali, babies, relatives arriving it is all about finding the balance. It is hard to imagine that not so long ago we went without mobile telephones and internet. Finding the time and the discipline to switch these off once in a while and curbing our dependence is a very healthy thing. Time to play on the earth, in the water with the air and fire…..

ChicFinds is immersed in the elements as we draw closer to the change of season, summer to autumn and winter to spring, the scents in the air change and we are touched by the beauty of nature. It’s not a news product but Diptyque is still one of the best amongst all the niche perfumerie’s. There are spicy, floral, frutty, woody and herbal scents and they are available in body care, candles, Eaux De Toilettes or solid perfumes. Available in many beautiful stores and department stores around the world, to name a few Selfridges,, Excesior Milano, Chicfinds adores Philosykos Eau De Toilettes for it’s amazing recall of the fig tree with it’s warm and woody scent.

The earth element is what keeps us grounded and often is needed when we are carried off in the stress of the movement of air, fire and water. It feels good sometimes even to just press the feet down and feel connected to the earth below us. Beautiful earth tones are also the fashion of the moment in home wares with linens and muslin showing up in tones of beige, caramel, creams and gorgeous shades of grey,green and blues. ChicFinds loves Secret Maison in Paris;

Water runs through every part of our lives, an element that affects our emotions, touches our sensibility and evokes tranquility and inner reflection. Skin is the new film by Pedro Almodovar and if you are a fan of his films this film is a must to view. It is absolutely genius. Evoking all kinds of emotions it lifts us up and brings us crashing down with poetic perversion in a thriller of a unique kind that only Almodovar is capable.

Chicfinds again Lee from with all her information we just keep going back and we can’t get enough. Giving up sugar has to be the best advise we have come across in a long time. Following the free recipes that Lee gives us just for a few days gets you addicted to this healthy diet. The evidence is there and one has to start to pay attention, especially us females that already we ride the waves and times of fire with our ever present hormones. Sugar is like putting fire on that fire and it not only affecting our hormones but affects every part of our health. Get Chic and quit sugar for life! You can read more by Sarah Wilson

Dos is an artist (Benedict Dos Remedios) from Sydney living in New York and his work really is a mix of all the elements. It has many different faces but each finds an emotion, a place and a direction. Check out his work and move on to his blog to be even more moved by a contemporary mix of happenings and things to buy… So many beautiful prints to choose from, Mount Island Death is a ChicFind favorite!


ChicFinds blue, navy and skins

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This weeks ChicFinds are a mix of that classic style that comes with summer, the navy, red and white. It always looks so good in stripes and the mono colours.  Together it shapes up to be a smart look everytime, a  classic that can’t go wrong. There is something crisp about the three together. Summer also offers the opportunity to wear the nude tones which can look so good all mixed up together or broken up with white. These tones always break a shadow.

Enjoy this weeks Chicfinds!

Inspired by the feminine part of Isabel Marant’s designs here are a couple of links to this week’s ChicFinds! 

And there is more;  link for some stripes and this for some print and this!.

If it is not the blue, navy and red then it has to be one of the skin tones. Nudes in summer look great with a tan and they theme in so well with brown leather (that’s coming in next week’s ChicFinds, beautiful leather bags!) Here are a couple of Chicfinds to inspire that skin tone;  ….link Following in the theme of earthy tones here is this luxurious scarf …Link.ChicFinds will be back next week with some more suggestions, in the meantime watch out for our xmas inspirations. X