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Feeding baby is a journey in itself. It’s true that your daily domestic load doubles when you start cooking for bebe! Although they say baby can eat from the same plate as yours I am not so sure. So far I have introduced different foods slowly and I am still resistant to introducing certain food types so I follow not only my instinct but some guides and nobody wants to be too cautious as they say that by 1 years of age baby wants to have tried strong flavors, herbs and spices here I come!I enjoy recipes by  Lee at Supercharged foods. I bought the receipt book for kids and I love it! Coconut flour pancakes, muffins and many other different alternatives to the run of the mill flour, bread, gluten products; http://www.superchargedfood.comparis kitchen 8

Growing up I was never given take-away, processed or sugary foods and that’s the same policy I follow now. I have to say I am quite obsessed with all the news about sugar and it being the modern day drug. There are some great alternatives like Agave and Stevia and there are now a lot of recipes that use these.

I don’t want to appear French obsessed (if I could be born French in my next life, that would be great!) but not only have I read a lot about Pamela Druckerman’s books (I referred to these in my last post; Chicette) but I have also glimpsed over Karen Le Billon’s book “French Kids Eat Everything” and I do like what I read. Here is a well written review of the book;

If you want to avoid snacking, rewarding your kid with food and loud noisy complaints have a read! Again you might pick up some useful tips.frenchrules-667x1024

Food has to be one of life’s biggest joys. Well I think so anyway. There is nothing like good food and its true that cooking with the heart makes all the difference. A soulless dinner is very easy to spot and not so great to taste.

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Take a look as she also has some ideas.


BON APPETIT little darlings


Chic finds in Cannes

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Can’t be denied what ever is French is so seemingly Chic! Even Cannes. Not my favorite city but it does hold one of the most glamourous events each year and it has such a fascinating history. Here are some great shots from the last days.

No other than Sean Penn. Fantastic shot!

Vladamir Restoin Roitfeld and Giovanna Battaglia… looks like it could be the 1960’s.

Diane Krugar and Joshua Jackson. She is wearing the most amazing dress from Nina Ricci and Prada shoes. Every out fit of late has been a sensation.

Bring it on! Nothing beats the summer in Europe.

Shop the look of summer:

Bikini from Isabel Marant;

Striped wedge from Autore

Striped dress by J Crew

and for a little cheeky or evening….

Miu Miu lace dress

and for the evenings and a little Dolce Vita feel check out the selection of Just Cavalli on Frockaholics

Au Revoir and Bon Voyage X Kiss

Thursday’s weekly Chicfind


We have our first weekly Chicfind’s for purchase….

To purchase this gorgeous suede jacket please follow the link; To purchase these amazing leather pants follow this link: 

Gorgeous dress by Camilla & Marc; Follow the link

For a dress inspired by the above photos from Vogue Italia (Shot by Steven Meisel) please follow the link;  and another gorgeous printed vintage dress at this link:

More to come next week X