ChicFinds Suitcase Rummage

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ChicFinds loves a market and Suitcase Rummage is a fantastic new concept.

Suitcase Rummage is a mini scaled market held all over Australia, Perth, Sydney, Queensland and more.

Here is their story;

“Our Story

Isabel FitzGerald and Daniele Constance started Suitcase Rummage over a cup of tea and a brainstorming session.

“We wanted to create an event that we wanted to attend ourselves. We wanted simplicity, we wanted beauty, we wanted local and we wanted community. We loved old suitcases and so the idea started to grow.SRB_2016_Web.jpg

There were also a few things that were important to us which we wanted to infuse into the project we were creating – that it was something to connect community; support local creative industries, design and production; encouraged sustainable practices; was accessible; and used place-making as a way of reinvigorating and creatively activating spaces. So, we came up with Suitcase Rummage which combined these and ultimately (and importantly) brought people ‘back to the town square’.SRJJ2016_Web.jpg

We also realised that there wasn’t a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to test their goods on the market before signing up to one of the bigger markets where vendors might need their own infrastructure, insurance and often need to cover high application fees. We saw a need for a step before this and believed Suitcase Rummage would fill this gap – supporting arts and culture, emerging entrepreuners and small business without the high risk.

At the time, we had heard Brisbane City Council was looking for ways to activate public spaces and so approached them with a few ideas. Council liked the idea and wanted to support it as a one off event as part of Youth Week 2010. We were blown away by the response to our first event – we ended up with 60 stalls and lots of attendees.IMG_0123.jpg

Since then, there has been so much wonderful support from the different local communities that Suitcase Rummage has now grown to be a regular, monthly event in Brisbane and Melbourne – both of which attract up to 150 stalls! We have also collaborated (and continue to collaborate) with a number of festivals including Home Festival, St Jeromes Laneway Festival, Surfers Paradise OneWay Street Festival, Jumpers & Jazz Festival in Warwick, and one-off vintage and community festivals. We’ve worked in partnership with Councils, venues, businesses and community organisations to deliver the various events.SRCposterWeb.jpg

Suitcase Rummage provides a platform and opportunity for creative ideas and initiatives to be planted, tested, nurtured and grown. There is a sense of community that comes with the event which people are drawn to. We believe that supporting and engaging with arts and cultural industries is vital to a healthy and connected community. What place doesn’t thrive when it has a flourishing arts and cultural industry?”

Go for a bargain, a swap, or an old fashioned haggle. Suitcase Rummage is not to be missed! Check out the coming event dates;


ChicFinds for your special day!

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Weddings are such an important event and often we have a set idea about how we want everything to be but we need the help to create it. It is like your first meeting with a love to be, films start rolling around in your head and before even the second date we have already fallen in love, married and created a family. All in a one screen shot! Creating your wedding or creating your look for a wedding is like bringing to life your film and the fantasy. To do that, it is often necessary to get a little helping hand and ChicFinds can point you in the right direction!

You want to be your most gorgeous on the day of your wedding and shine in more ways than one. Chic finds can show you how!

As winter will end soon and spring will begin so will the wedding bells. Now is a time to plan and create! For the next weeks, ChicFinds will post a weekly post on weddings to help guide and inspire you. ChicFinds can also offer you a consultation with a stylist for setting up the special day or a personal fashion stylist for the creation of your look plus photographers. For inquires please email;

ChicFinds can help you create every possible fantasy unique to you.

This beautiful shoot is the creation of the amazing photographer Camilla Akrans, Chicfinds loves her work!

Chic garden sheds!


If you find out that you don’t have the space for a granny studio, garden studio, outdoor cottage then you can look into a garden shed. The name garden shed conjures up to mind a rough looking shed in aluminium lacking completely in character, well things have changed and the garden shed can be a delightful space in which to study, play, plant or meditate. 

If you watched the latest tribute to the Queen for the Jubilee then you might have been as enchanted as Chicfinds to see her childhood cubby house. Hardly a cubby house but the same idea anyway even if the Queen’s is slightly bigger than the usual. What a wonderful thing to have a little house away from home to explore, create and ponder.

Why shouldn’t we have a cubby house/garden shed to play in for all ages? 

Chic finds loves the garden shed!

Chicfinds from the deepest oceans

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Chic Finds feels like some glitter and sparkle from the depths of the Ocean and is is the mermaid that inspires us to look for sequence and precious fabrics.  The mermaid is like the sparkle of the deep sea and there are many mythological tales that tell the stories of these creatures of the sea. “Mermaid” is a compound of mere, the Old English word for “sea”.

“In European folklore, mermaids were associated with sirens, beautiful creatures whose singing lures sailors to their doom. Mermaids were commonly pictured as floating on top of the waves, singing or combing their long hair and gazing into mirrors. Seeing a mermaid was considered bad luck, as mermaids often appeared before storms or other disasters and were believed to carry drowned men away to their kingdom at the bottom of the sea. Although encounters with mermaids and mermen often ended badly for humans, in some legends, these sea creatures married human partners and took completely human form to live on land.”

Read more: Mermaids – Myth Encyclopedia – mythology, Greek, god, ancient, Japanese, world, Roman, creatures

Collette Dinnigan’s dresses capture the mysterious beauty of  a mermaid. They are beautiful, feminine and poetic. Each dress is a signiture of the brand’s attention to detail and timelessness. 

Visit David Jones for the Autumn/Winter collection or visit the web site for a full list of stockists;

8 ways to help you shine from one of our favorite blogs; bellamumma…..

Inspired by the tones of green, pick O.P.I’s latest green for your next manicure!

Find your shine inside and out. X

What’s Elena from Milan wearing for ChicFinds?

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Eléna Beatriz studied product design in Milan and now works for a magazine as a junior project manager. She loves to collect every sort of beautiful useless object, as well as books with catchy covers, stones, pieces of wood, picture frames, glass vases and ceramics in general.
She would love to go and live by the sea, and have time to look after her few surviving plants.

She inspires and reminds me of the sexy combination that one of my favorite photographers; Peter Beard manages to capture, La femmina nella natura!

“His love affair with natural history and wildlife, which informs most of his work, began when he was a teenager. He had read the books of Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) and after spending time in Kenya and befriending the author, bought a piece of land near hers. It was the early 1960s and the big game hunters led safaris, with all the colonial elements Beard had read about in Out of Africa characterizing the open life and landscape, but the times were changing. Beard witnessed the dawn of Kenya’s population explosion, which challenged finite resources and stressed animal populations – including the starving elephants of Tsavo, dying by the tens of thousands in a wasteland of eaten trees. So he documented what he saw – with diaries, photographs, and collages.”

Elena is wearing a dress from H&M and sandals by Tila March Paris;

August’s top Chicfinds starts with Classic’s

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In the Cambridge dictionary the definition of Classic is ‘having a high quality or standard against which other things are judged’. How do things that are classic make us feel? Timeless, familiarity, sense of quality and elegance. What is is about the blue and white stripe that keeps going and going? It’s classic! Classic is also beautiful, traditional and it’s something that’s so right it can never go wrong. Chicfinds reminds you of the classic so that you know in this world of so much choice what is trend and going and what is classic and staying. . Our first inspiration for what is classic is the black & white photography of one of my favorite photographers, Peter Lindberg. His photography is so classic you wouldn’t know when a shot was taken despite being in the pages of Vogue Italia month after month. The trends translate but with a timeless quality. His frames are so touching and intimate and his style is natural yet eyes are often set in black coal. Black & White are undeniably classic and chic in any shape or form. Lingbergh’s photography is cinemagraphic and theatrical yet he captures a purity and innocence in his portraiture.This is such a famous shot I could hardly not include it and it is such an inspiration to our theme; classic as it shows the beauty of the white shirt. You can’t compete with a beautiful white cotton shirt on either a man or a woman. For a superior level shirt visit one of the Harrolds Stores   you can’t go past the selection by Tom Ford. For the ladies visit Riada in Woollahra, Sydney where there is a beautiful selection of brands including HIGH, Jil Sander Navy and Marithe Francois Girbaud.

ChicFinds beautiful hair


ChicFinds Barney Martin’s hair salon in Surry Hills, Sydney. Here you can find a friendly team of hairdressers in a lovely relaxed environment where you can feel assured to get the result you are looking for. All of the stylists look talented including Barney himself who just cuts. I have found Natasha who cuts and colors and she does both excellently. Take a look at their web site for more details;