Chicfinds online shopping from exotic locations around the world

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Latitude is a online market place for unique product from exotic places around the globe including India, Africa, Morocco to name a few. You can find unique product including hand printed silk pillow cases from Brazil, Istanbul and Mexico, woven sterling silver smart phone bag from Istanbul, hand-made exquisite jewellery from India.


It is a luxury bazaar online. A dream come true for those that like to browse for hours in the Medina’s of Morocco, find markets and unique boutiques in faraway and hidden places.


The web site and blog are amazing as you can shop the trend; “The Tassell” , “Jet Set Chic” , “Tribal” and more. It’s a trip away with guides and info as well as the most amazing selection of product for the chic and savvy shopper.

jet-set-chic-banner boho%20home_small%20banner

Chicfinds loves the jewellery, drop down pear earrings, the tassell necklaces, Boho shirts and hippy chic bikini’s. The hats and bags are to die for with the most beautiful espadrilles and accessories.  You can not go wrong here. Shop and visit your destination and enjoy the journey!

What inspires us these days? Something that offers comfort? Nurturing, Love or familiarly? Something free, a pathway to a gift or a product that we can identify with? A common thought or feeling that offers a sense of security and helps us get closer to the self? With so much information available where do you find what you’re looking for each day? Google, Facebook, Instagram or twitter? Is it an image that resonates with us somehow and transports us somewhere? Every medium out there is trying to create a network or group or just a passa paraola (pass the word) and so what is it that we will pass on or chose not too? When we pass something on to another what are we passing? A part of ourselves? Conde Nast Traveller has compiled a list of the 50 best hot s pots around the world and ChicFinds wants to share their 5 favourites;


Palais Namaskar, Marrakesh;


Botanique Hotel & Spa, Bairro dos Mellos;


The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand;


The Leela Palace, Chennai, India;


Singita Serengeti House, Tanzania;


ChicFinds bares all!

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It’s Friday and we are almost on weekend here in Australia, other places are just starting their Friday or they haven’t yet but soon will be! Friday is a wonderful day of the week as we can free ourselves of the constraints that surround us 5 days out of 7.

Shake off that end of work sometimes fed up feeling and bare all!

Cut loose, take it off and enjoy to be free in the jungle!

Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. If you are lucky enough to be getting away to a beautiful hot or cold spot, enjoy it. If the pay check isn’t stretching, use visualization. Great way to getaway without really getting away but you come back refreshed and ready to face another week. Enjoy!

Chicfinds boho style; home, wardrobe & getaways!

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Bohemian has many different definitions but the general meaning is a movement of artist and poets in late 19th century France, especially in Paris. Bohemians believed in living outside of the bourgeois (conventional, middle class) mainstream culture. Bohemians were against the Salon (the institution that controlled the literary and art market in France until the turn of the 20th century)and believed that art and literature should be radical.

Bohemian style is about doing things your way, away from convention and its all about self expression and creative energy. Creating your own style using recycled or finding things on a shoe string means also creating magic from the mundane. Check out the bags at Buffalo Girl Byron Bay; and for stockist visit Island Luxe Tribe or Island Luxe in Byron Bay?Bangalow;   Island luxe have amazing boho style homewares so take your time if you are visiting and for those that fall in love with the images but are too far for a visit lets cross our fingers that their web site will arrive soon!

The latest collection by Lover; White Magick is absolutely gorgeous. It is a fantasy of lace, butterfly sleeves, gothic style maxi dresses and despite the poetic softness it exhibits, it is sexy. Visit Lover’s new store in The Strand Arcade.

If you love that boho look then look no further than this cool little shop online which offers some very boho style jewelry, clothing and home wares;

Boho style bag by Gucci.

Macrame boho luxe by Roberto Cavalli.

Straight from Ibiza is 07800 with the latest Ibiza fashions in boots, jewelry and bags; 

For a beautifully made hammock visit the Toucan shop;

India Hick’s store The Sugar Mill on Harbour Island, Bahamas is a wonderland of beautiful home wares, jewlery and kaftans;

Other stores to visit in the hope of finding that perfect boho piece;

Merci Merci;

Pure and General;

Visit Voo Store, Berlin;

Looking for a boho style getaway? Here is a list of little hideaways; 

Cadaques, Spain and for hot spots all over the world visit;

Chefchaouen , Morocco

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Harbour Island, Bahamas,

For a fantastic list of places to chill out all over the world;

What’s Nik wearing on her shopping spree in NY!

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It’s a girls dream to go high street shopping in New York… Madison Avenue, 1st and 2nd Street.. Chanel, Prada, Lanvin, the best designer stores in the world all at your finger tips..

Nikki  is very passionate about fashion and has worked in it all her life. She has a natural talent for all things related to this world and a natural style which captures  those more flamboyant pieces.  Now the owner of Hock Your Frocks; a very successful recycling fashion store on ebay she spends a lot of her time collecting beautiful designer pieces and reselling them. Visit Hock Your Frocks as you wont be disappointed;

ChicFinds caught up with Nik while she was on her shopping spree in NY with good friend Sarah Jane. She is wearing Winter Kate Peacock print kimono with Sass & Bide black skinny cropped jeans and Chanel

ChicFinds in Tuscany

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There are not many places as beautiful as Italy. Every region, every city and place is unique and devine in terms of beauty. It can take your breath away to be amongst the most extraordinary mix of architecture, art and culture. Tuscany is one of the most sublime, sexy and sensual places. It has a all encompassing beauty starting with the morning to dusk light; a kaleidoscope of earthy and warm tones creating a foggy misty light that is so dewy you feel like you could touch its softness.

It is important to not miss out on the major cities (Florence, Sienna, Pisa) while visiting this region but it is the little towns and cities that are the most characteristic. First on the list are the hot springs that are scattered all over the region. Some of the best are around Montecatini and there are the famous springs of  Saturnia (in Italian they are called Terme). Get a little map and visit them at night so you can get naked and enjoy the sensual adventure.

Don’t miss Lucca the city and the surrounding hills where it is so beautiful you should plan an overnight stay in one of the beautiful B&B’s in the hills. The Chianti region is lovely to drive around and it is great fun discovering the little towns where there are some fantastic local trattoria’s to eat at. The outside of Florence, Prato and Fiesole are wonderful culinary areas so indulge! It is also the area where you will find all the famous fashion outlets like Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and others. Then make your way down to the whole area around Sienna which is so picturesque you wont want to ever leave.  Musts to visit are the little towns like Montepulciano and Montalcino where you should take the time to  try all the meats, cheeses and wines! Pure delight.

If your taking your time then the best idea is to stay a week in one place (or more if you can). Hire a villa and enjoy getting to know the local village and allow yourselves to become immersed in the culture. There is no way to feel it other than to stay still and become familiar. Italians are very hospitable and even more so when they see you more than once. Be careful though as you will fall in love and leaving might be heart breaking! X

Chicfinds “What are you wearing” in Paris

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Marion is a Parisian girl. She loves fashion for what it is, works in fashion but loves the natural and authentic parts of life. She has a built in style and loves to wear brights. One item of bright can make an outfit!

What is Marion wearing today on this sunny spring day in Paris…?

She is wearing a coral jersey dress from Supre (she was in Sydney not long ago) a Paul Smith men’s shirt with a necklace from H&M and the finishing touch is nail colour which is from YSL.

ChicFinds home sweet home

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Home Sweet Home…. home is where the heart is….even if you are a restless gypsy there is something about our home that lends us all sorts of emotions..

If your travelling like Chicfinds is at the moment or any other moment during the year then you can understand how important it is to have things near to you in your hotel/apartment/friends or relatives home that make you feel at home. Your favorite magazine, photo, pillow slip, music, what ever it is it’s associated to that making home feeling. 

The bath, shower, spa  with your favorite bath salt, after shower cream or hair mask are a part of a ritual that helps you find your way home even if you are a million miles away. It helps create that feeling of intimacy with your environment. Dont leave home without them…

It’s an all time challenge for all of us to do the pack! What kind of a climate will it be, what will I need, how can I take everything yet be limited to 20kg??? The best solution that Chifinds suggests is spend a lot of time putting everything you put in your bag into a look. Each piece has to part take to a look. If it dosen’t convince you (in the total look) a 100% then it’s to be left behind.Thanks to technology a lot of home can come with us via our computers.. music, contact via facebook, movies, the list goes on and on. There is no bigger companion these days to the computer (except maybe those that are still reading in the tradional manner). However one of the best ways to nurture yourself when away from home and all your loved ones is food. You have to find the best food you can especially if you have found yourself in the opposite climate and conditions. A guide to eating these days is so easy to come by, you can find one for any city/place and it will make a huge difference to your stay! P.S the above photo definatly does not condone smoking as a way of finding yourself home. If you haven’t given up this filthy horrible drug addiction then go to any Alan Carr office (there are offices all around the world) and sign yourself up for a seminar. You will find yourself a very happy and comfortable non smoker after 6 hours. Brilliant! Thanks Alan Carr.

Last but not least is the part that might seem a little odd but really it’s very important… the Zen of your space. If you get into the hotel room/apartment ect and the set up doesen’t feel right, move it around. Don’t worry about having to move it back, it will be well worth it! Make sure you have a comfortable set up so you can unwind in your home away from home! Some essential oils are also a good thing to bring from home as there is nothing like scent to transport us.

This post is leading us to the next post which will talk more about the home and a blog created by a friend which is inspired by The Sartolist but it’s the home version. The inspiration is about the intimacy that we have with our homes and the space which becomes and home and the objects and things that fill it. Chicfinds looks forward to telling you more about it however in the meantime if you want to take a look, visit