Chicfinds Tim Walker irresistible!

Chicfinds loves and adores the photography of Tim Walker. His images are mystical and full of fantasy. His style tells a story that is whimsical and reminiscent of fairy tales and childhood stores. Tim Walker's photography is composed and stylized. His subjects are romantic and beautiful with an innocence and purity. Often depicting a English... Continue Reading →


Chicfinds an inspiring stylist

Chicfinds loves the styling work of Katelyn Mooney. Truely admire her ability to create such purity in her images, feeling of space and air. She is with one of the best agencies and has an impressive portfolio of work;

Chicfinds wishes you a wonderful weekend

AND DECIDE TO TREAT YOURSELF LIKE A PRINCESS! BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT.... Kisses X Another photographer that Chicfinds adores is Craig McDean. A renowned photographer and filmmaker whose work repeatedly appears in publications such as i-D, W, Vogue, AnOther Magazine and Interview.  He has photographed campaigns for brands including Christian Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Emporio... Continue Reading →

Chic Finds the 60’s

Chicfinds the 60's one of the most inspiring era's for fashion, beauty and aesthetics. If you love this era for the style then you can't miss the tv series Mad Men. It is a brilliantly directed and photographed series that is based on an advertising firm in NY on Madison Avenue in the 1960's. The costumes,... Continue Reading →

Chic finds in Cannes

Can't be denied what ever is French is so seemingly Chic! Even Cannes. Not my favorite city but it does hold one of the most glamourous events each year and it has such a fascinating history. Here are some great shots from the last days. No other than Sean Penn. Fantastic shot! Vladamir Restoin Roitfeld... Continue Reading →

Chicfinds the best reads

Despite the internet and its never ending range of material it still cant beat a beautifully engineered magazine, well not yet anyway. If your a lover of magazines you will know what I mean. The ritual of reading a magazine is so relaxing it goes together with the feeling of taking your shoes off at... Continue Reading →

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