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The search for nice children’s wear, footwear and accessories continues! On my visits to most states around Australia I continually bump into the same type of product in the children’s boutiques that I visit. Bright and laree colours, logo’s and funny (but not) t-shirts or over frilly and over embellished. Say nothing of the hideous footwear and cheap accessories.  Until recently when Chicfinds found a beautiful boutique in Clovelly, Sydney.

The Kido Store has to be the best store I have found to date in Australia. There is a beautiful mix of product from home wares to optical and everything is different and unique. I love the footwear collections! The most gorgeous brands and favourite of all is Anniel from Montebulluna in Italy.  Anniel was  established in 1976 and is all hand made with a strong inspiration coming from ballet tradition. It is well known for its unique design and highest quality.


Another brand to have a look at is Manuela de Juan. The footwear is beautiful and hand made in Spain. There is something for everyone in the collection from casual to dressy. imagesCIOBCJNB

There is a beautiful mix of clothing and accessories. One of the stand out accessory brands is  y Atsuyo et Akiko; a brand from Brooklyn, NY. Delicate and well put together the accessories are whimsical and pretty without being tacky. They have a theatrical feel to them which resonates also in their clothing. Another favourite accessory brand is the funky optical rang from Son’s and Daughters. f0156639_17581691SDE-Sun-Pixie-PnkWht-F-310

One of my favourite clothing brands in Kido is Louise Misha from Paris. A gorgeous French brand that has lovely cuts, colours and prints with a true French feel reminiscent of Bonpoint and Marie Chantal but at half the price. Dresses come in at around $129.00. By the way in case you didn’t know the wonderful Grace Tales by Georgie Abay creator of knitwear line Atelier/Child has a shopping facility on her web site and it is very Chic!

The boutique is in Clovelly and has a pop up store in Enmore plus they operate a very good online boutique.

Louise misha.png


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