Chic bites


Feeding baby is a journey in itself. It’s true that your daily domestic load doubles when you start cooking for bebe! Although they say baby can eat from the same plate as yours I am not so sure. So far I have introduced different foods slowly and I am still resistant to introducing certain food types so I follow not only my instinct but some guides and nobody wants to be too cautious as they say that by 1 years of age baby wants to have tried strong flavors, herbs and spices here I come!I enjoy recipes by  Lee at Supercharged foods. I bought the receipt book for kids and I love it! Coconut flour pancakes, muffins and many other different alternatives to the run of the mill flour, bread, gluten products; http://www.superchargedfood.comparis kitchen 8

Growing up I was never given take-away, processed or sugary foods and that’s the same policy I follow now. I have to say I am quite obsessed with all the news about sugar and it being the modern day drug. There are some great alternatives like Agave and Stevia and there are now a lot of recipes that use these.

I don’t want to appear French obsessed (if I could be born French in my next life, that would be great!) but not only have I read a lot about Pamela Druckerman’s books (I referred to these in my last post; Chicette) but I have also glimpsed over Karen Le Billon’s book “French Kids Eat Everything” and I do like what I read. Here is a well written review of the book;

If you want to avoid snacking, rewarding your kid with food and loud noisy complaints have a read! Again you might pick up some useful tips.frenchrules-667x1024

Food has to be one of life’s biggest joys. Well I think so anyway. There is nothing like good food and its true that cooking with the heart makes all the difference. A soulless dinner is very easy to spot and not so great to taste.

All these beautiful images are from

Take a look as she also has some ideas.


BON APPETIT little darlings

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