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A few Chicfinds for in between seasons. Still loving leather even for Spring and why not also for summer. We found some fantastic leather pants with that baggy feel called Smith Made from Mr & Mrs Smith, Manly; paired up with a white t-shirt and some Alexander Wang heels this is a great look for the change of seasons. We also love the Bassike range of leather available at Island Luxe Tribe in Byron Bay. I would summarize spring and summer and use the three SSS’s Spring/Summer this season is simple and sexy. For pieces to put with your leather or denim have a look at the beautiful collections of Alexander Wang ,Helmut Lang, Rick Owens and Acne. You can see a fantastic selection at Elyse Walker’s online store; Otherwise visit Tuchuzy in Bondi, Sydney; Daria by Inex & Vinoodh for Vogue ParisLooking for that perfect ankle boot that will go with everything and still give you a nice line on the leg? Beau 5 from the Beau Coops collection;

Available at or call 02 93193199 for all national and international stockists

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Feeding baby is a journey in itself. It’s true that your daily domestic load doubles when you start cooking for bebe! Although they say baby can eat from the same plate as yours I am not so sure. So far I have introduced different foods slowly and I am still resistant to introducing certain food types so I follow not only my instinct but some guides and nobody wants to be too cautious as they say that by 1 years of age baby wants to have tried strong flavors, herbs and spices here I come!I enjoy recipes by  Lee at Supercharged foods. I bought the receipt book for kids and I love it! Coconut flour pancakes, muffins and many other different alternatives to the run of the mill flour, bread, gluten products; http://www.superchargedfood.comparis kitchen 8

Growing up I was never given take-away, processed or sugary foods and that’s the same policy I follow now. I have to say I am quite obsessed with all the news about sugar and it being the modern day drug. There are some great alternatives like Agave and Stevia and there are now a lot of recipes that use these.

I don’t want to appear French obsessed (if I could be born French in my next life, that would be great!) but not only have I read a lot about Pamela Druckerman’s books (I referred to these in my last post; Chicette) but I have also glimpsed over Karen Le Billon’s book “French Kids Eat Everything” and I do like what I read. Here is a well written review of the book;

If you want to avoid snacking, rewarding your kid with food and loud noisy complaints have a read! Again you might pick up some useful tips.frenchrules-667x1024

Food has to be one of life’s biggest joys. Well I think so anyway. There is nothing like good food and its true that cooking with the heart makes all the difference. A soulless dinner is very easy to spot and not so great to taste.

All these beautiful images are from

Take a look as she also has some ideas.


BON APPETIT little darlings

Variations on Chic By Mario Sorrenti

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Fashion is a never ending revolving cycle, it goes forward, backwards and makes full circles and fundamentally it is always varied! Thank goodness as it would get very boring if everything suited everyone. You take from fashion what you like and what inspires you and if it takes you on a journey, good, its doing its job. One of the most beautiful aspects of fashion is photography and the art of translating garments and creating stories. Here are a few images from Vogue Italia by Mario Sorrenti. 


Black and white, lace and lines are all classics to be played with. 


There is nothing quite like a groomed hair and make-up to create the look. It takes you back to dress ups when you were a kid and a transformation would transpire and you could be anywhere, anybody in any life but yours!


Thanks Mario for bringing us some of the most beautiful photographs. MiaoX


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Over the last ten months I have looked at many different things for our Beautiful babies! You can’t go past the French offering! They offer some of the most gorgeous clothing, nursery decoration and some interesting parental advice. A great place to start your search is at . A beautiful blog that guides you to the most enchanting places. She lists wonderful boutiques like French Blossom, mini Zara and many more. One of my favourites at the moment is Marie Chantal. A luxury clothing range designed by Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. http://www.mariechantal.comatsuyo_et_akiko_main-850x400

It’s a joy putting the nursery together but not easy to find beautiful things. I recently found some organic handmade cot bumpers from Olliella; Another beautiful place to browse is Papierdamour in Double Bay, Sydney; They have wonderful paper products like lights, wall stickers and my beloved parasols. For gorgeous baby swings and hammocks you have to visit the Toucan Shop in Annandale;




Lastly for some inspiring reading take a look at the books written by Pamela Druckermann. She wrote two books; Bringing up Bebe and Bebe day by day. She makes interesting comparisons with the way the French and the Americans bring up their children. It’s always good to have a few extra tips!VogueEnfants