Chic finds in soft furnishings

When you decide to use curtains it is never as easy as you think it will be. First you need to find the right curtain and then the right rod and then decide on the style of hanging. It is quite a complicated process if you want to get it right. The rod and the way you hang the curtain is fundamental to the way it will look at the end.

It is also true that styles out date. For lots of information on what rod to use visit; This blog helps explain the need for a bigger or smaller rod and how to make it all have the right look in terms of perspective and proportion.

Soft furnishings are a lot of fun. The best bit is picking the fabric but the worse bit is the hanging. I suggest you do a lot of research and if possible engage the help of a professional. These days it is very in fashion to have a very simple track over the more ornate style rods however what is in fashion and on trend does not always suit the space.

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  1. Eprepe kai alloi polloi tetiooi “ierarxes” na einai mazi toy ston Koridallo! Na katharize ligo i koinonia apo anithikous kai apateones poy kordonontai me ta amfia…

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