Chicfinds gets away to New York

I cant think of a better destination for a getaway at this time of the year than New York.

This photo is the work of Arthur Elgort, supurb photographer in black and white

New York if you have never been is a place you must visit and if you have visited it you will know what I mean when I say the possibilities are endless! So I won’t pretend to be a tour guide as there is just too much to cover but the energy and vibe of this city is unique and if your looking for a getaway then this is a place that will recharge you in like no other city will.

What we can give you is a list of must see stores that are off the normal radar. Apart from everything New York has to offer it is number one for shopping. Price and product are the best in the world here so let loose! Looking for something a bit different and unique then have a look at a few of these stores..
Have a look at A Detacher, Raquel Allegra and TOGA. There is also jewelry from
Arielle de Pinto, Unearthen, Aesa.
Have a look at Anndra Neen , Bodkin which is an upcoming clothing line, cosmic wonder, Dieppa Restrepo and Golden Goose.

Peppercotton – no web site…
Take a look at Uncommon matters
Have a look at the homewares, jewelry and textiles!

Take a look at their fantastic mix of brands including Acne, Rachel Comey, Nomia, Patrik Ervil and they do their own brand which is well worth looking at. Prices are all fantastic!
If your looking for some amazing jewelry based around nature check out Ted Muehling.

Clothing line, based in Brooklyn:

More jewelry, BLISS LAU

Have a ball, enjoy that sense of freedom and kick up your heels, you have nothing to loose in New York!


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