Kitty Cat wants a treat

Beautiful things, Beauty, fashion

Feeling like treating yourself? Mavala has these gorgeous mini nail lacquers that don’t cost much and yet are spurts of luxurious color that make you feel as good as buying a whole new outfit. The spring colors are gorgeous; Blue Curacao, Touch of Provence, Waikiki Orange and many more. Fantastic greens, navy, the color palette is extensive….

You can find Mavala at most pharmacies and chemists all around the world. The quality is also very good and you don’t have to be in a hurry to consume it or find a way to store it as it’s little so it’s a little short hit wonder. Another perfect treat is a pair of sunglasses! At the moment there are some great new designs coming out and one of the strongest theme’s is the cat eye. Yves Saint Laurent have done a beautiful cat eye in black and tortoiseshell and Prada’s new shape in two tone are so iconic of the fashion at the moment that they could be a perfect treat if that’s the only one thing you splurge on this season.  To see a mix of this season’s fashion this is a great blog; http://elodiebubble.wordpress.comAnother wonderful treat is new lingerie. So feminine, and it is all about nurturing you at the end of the day! One of Chicfinds favorite  staples of lingerie is La Perla which is Italian and Italian made but it is ‘very’expensive but it is a governess for the styles and quality. Other great brands are Chantelle from France, Cosabella and for a cute but cheaper option; Intimissimi from Italy, Victoria Secret is an obvious one but still worth it for it’s great prices and it does master the push up bra. If you love lingerie and you are a fan of French chic you will have to take a look at  Kiki Monparnasse by Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Wolford and Skin offer a simple and minimalistic style with beautiful quality. Take a look at Barney’s New York offer online;,default,sc.htmlThe right lingerie can also be worn as clothing, under a jacket it can act as a camisole and look so sexy yet modest as its half hidden away. A great eyeliner is also a little treat that will last forever, be easy to sharpen and it will create for you the look of this season with the cat eye fascination. Tip, watch a you tube for how too… For all the best brands go to XMeow meow XXX

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