ChicFinds shopping inspiration


This season it’s all about the print. Print’s bright, bold and brilliant! Maybe it’s a sign of the hard times that have hit that make us want to forget the grey, black and white of the situation and instead see geometric, floral, tribal and revel in the pure fantasy. It might seem a little confrontational after all that minimalism but lets face it! It’s fun!

The confrontational thing about prints is we often get into a bind about how to wear them. Well this season you cant go wrong if you find it in the shirt and in the pant. The two stongest categories in fashion this season. Mix either with a mono colour and simple lines and your on to a winner.

Included in this season’s explosion of print is that of the snake, python, lizard, zebra and all the other wild beasts you can imagine. And it’s not being limited to belts, shoes and accessories but it’s all over our leggins, dresses, coats and you cant deny it, its a classic print that is undenyably chic! It’s wonderful to see some of our old favorites coming back, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Pucci, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana……let’s support those crazy creative Italians (they need it) but who is king or should we say Queen? …. she is unbeatable in her genius interpretations… other than Prada! Chicfinds loves Prada for its strength in creating a world each season which is not dependent on a logo. It has to be said that yes, we love Louis Vuitton but on our travels lately it has become tiresome seeing it on the arm of all as really it has become yet another status symbol. Chic is not a status symbol it’s much more courageous than that.

Chicfinds suggests you find your self some print and here is a fantastic guide for shopping and Enjoy!

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