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Home Sweet Home…. home is where the heart is….even if you are a restless gypsy there is something about our home that lends us all sorts of emotions..

If your travelling like Chicfinds is at the moment or any other moment during the year then you can understand how important it is to have things near to you in your hotel/apartment/friends or relatives home that make you feel at home. Your favorite magazine, photo, pillow slip, music, what ever it is it’s associated to that making home feeling. 

The bath, shower, spa  with your favorite bath salt, after shower cream or hair mask are a part of a ritual that helps you find your way home even if you are a million miles away. It helps create that feeling of intimacy with your environment. Dont leave home without them…

It’s an all time challenge for all of us to do the pack! What kind of a climate will it be, what will I need, how can I take everything yet be limited to 20kg??? The best solution that Chifinds suggests is spend a lot of time putting everything you put in your bag into a look. Each piece has to part take to a look. If it dosen’t convince you (in the total look) a 100% then it’s to be left behind.Thanks to technology a lot of home can come with us via our computers.. music, contact via facebook, movies, the list goes on and on. There is no bigger companion these days to the computer (except maybe those that are still reading in the tradional manner). However one of the best ways to nurture yourself when away from home and all your loved ones is food. You have to find the best food you can especially if you have found yourself in the opposite climate and conditions. A guide to eating these days is so easy to come by, you can find one for any city/place and it will make a huge difference to your stay! P.S the above photo definatly does not condone smoking as a way of finding yourself home. If you haven’t given up this filthy horrible drug addiction then go to any Alan Carr office (there are offices all around the world) and sign yourself up for a seminar. You will find yourself a very happy and comfortable non smoker after 6 hours. Brilliant! Thanks Alan Carr.

Last but not least is the part that might seem a little odd but really it’s very important… the Zen of your space. If you get into the hotel room/apartment ect and the set up doesen’t feel right, move it around. Don’t worry about having to move it back, it will be well worth it! Make sure you have a comfortable set up so you can unwind in your home away from home! Some essential oils are also a good thing to bring from home as there is nothing like scent to transport us.

This post is leading us to the next post which will talk more about the home and a blog created by a friend which is inspired by The Sartolist but it’s the home version. The inspiration is about the intimacy that we have with our homes and the space which becomes and home and the objects and things that fill it. Chicfinds looks forward to telling you more about it however in the meantime if you want to take a look, visit

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