Chicfinds feels the elements

Whether your preparing for shorter or longer days, trips to Paris/Milan for the fashion shows, holiday in Bali, babies, relatives arriving it is all about finding the balance. It is hard to imagine that not so long ago we went without mobile telephones and internet. Finding the time and the discipline to switch these off... Continue Reading →


Kitty Cat wants a treat

Feeling like treating yourself? Mavala has these gorgeous mini nail lacquers that don't cost much and yet are spurts of luxurious color that make you feel as good as buying a whole new outfit. The spring colors are gorgeous; Blue Curacao, Touch of Provence, Waikiki Orange and many more. Fantastic greens, navy, the color palette... Continue Reading →

ChicFinds home sweet home

Home Sweet Home.... home is where the heart is....even if you are a restless gypsy there is something about our home that lends us all sorts of emotions.. If your travelling like Chicfinds is at the moment or any other moment during the year then you can understand how important it is to have things... Continue Reading →

ChicFinds shopping inspiration

This season it's all about the print.┬áPrint's bright, bold and brilliant! Maybe it's a sign of the hard times that have hit that make us want to forget the grey, black and white of the situation and instead see geometric, floral, tribal and revel in the pure fantasy. It might seem a little confrontational after... Continue Reading →

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