Chicfinds superfoods and healthy choices


Health is such a huge issue and often diet is all about weight loss rather than fueling the body with pure oils so it runs as its best and gives you the best results. Food is really one of the most important aspects of our lives and of late Chicfinds has been looking into superfoods and what to do with them. It all started with the simple study of what foods are alkaline and what foods are acid. I think it is worth doing as it gives you an idea on the foods that you are eating and now days they say that most bodies are over acid and this can lead to many health problems; Once you have done this kind of research it is imperative that you find a guide to help you along and Chicfinds has found you two very good web sites to begin with.  Sarah Wilson at is a fantastic read covering all sorts of topics in the ‘world of health’. She has a great style of sharing her experiences and her expertise. Sarah’s web site lead us to;!__which is the work of Lee Homes who has just released a beautiful recipes book called Supercharged Food. She also offers an amazing cook book online which is full of recipe’s that are so easy and delicous and best of all, so good for you.  It is not easy to break habits and that is a cliche that you know could not be more true. If your a 70’s baby or there abouts you have had to come to grips with the reality that what our parents did is not what we should be doing. Breaking the habit of smoking, drinking caffeine and eating refined foods are just a few of what our generation and the next continue to battle. Changing foods is a process and you should open your mind to it and be patient. You might not fall in love instantly with guinoa, dandelion tea, raw vegetables and all these other non man handled foods but you will grow to enjoy them. Your palette just needs time to adjust as you need time to learn how to use them. So take your time and treat it like an adventure.

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