ChicFinds wishes you a merry xmas x

We would like to wish you a very merry xmas where ever you are. We will come back in the New Year with more ChicFinds from all over the world. Thank you for subscribing to ChicFinds and I look forward to seeing you in 2012. X


ChicFinds blue, navy and skins

This weeks ChicFinds are a mix of that classic style that comes with summer, the navy, red and white. It always looks so good in stripes and the mono colours.  Together it shapes up to be a smart look everytime, a  classic that can't go wrong. There is something crisp about the three together. Summer... Continue Reading →

Thursday’s weekly Chicfind

We have our first weekly Chicfind's for purchase.... To purchase this gorgeous suede jacket please follow the link; To purchase these amazing leather pants follow this link:  Gorgeous dress by Camilla & Marc; Follow the link For a dress inspired by the above photos from Vogue Italia (Shot by Steven Meisel) please follow the link;  and... Continue Reading →

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