Chicfinds apologises

Beautiful things

I am sorry but we have encountered some technical problems and our store will not be opening this Thursday. Please check in next Thursday, 1st of December. Sorry to all the ChicFind followers. XIn the meantime I would like to inspire you with indoor palms. One of the best ways to fill a space or make a space look interesting is with a beautiful palm. There are many different varieties but one of the most popular for indoors is the Kentia palm. They make lovely shapes while the Majesty or Cat Palm are just one trunk and also make a lovely shape but they are more minimalistic. The palm needs a lot of nurturing despite the impression that they can survive all climates and situations. They need good soil and lots of water.The other thing you need to consider when you get a palm is what to hold it in. A lovely jardinere in pressed brass or copper can look amazing. You can find some beautiful antique egyptian or chinese ones on different antique web sites. These are Chinese Imperial with enamel and gilt copper paste. They were auctioned at Christie’s and went for a fine price!

Otherwise a good looking and economic choice is the wicker basket. It looks good in all styles of interiors.A lovely shop to find not just French wicker baskets but all sorts of lovely French inspired furniture and homewares is Diafore, 206 Parramatta Road, Annandale. Visit their web site to get an idea on the stock they hold; If you are in the area another must is Elements which has beautiful antiques and they have just received a shipment from France in the last days so it would be an ideal time for a peak! They also have a blog called Elements I love which is a good one to follow if you like imported product.

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