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I am sorry but we have encountered some technical problems and our store will not be opening this Thursday. Please check in next Thursday, 1st of December. Sorry to all the ChicFind followers. XIn the meantime I would like to inspire you with indoor palms. One of the best ways to fill a space or make a space look interesting is with a beautiful palm. There are many different varieties but one of the most popular for indoors is the Kentia palm. They make lovely shapes while the Majesty or Cat Palm are just one trunk and also make a lovely shape but they are more minimalistic. The palm needs a lot of nurturing despite the impression that they can survive all climates and situations. They need good soil and lots of water.The other thing you need to consider when you get a palm is what to hold it in. A lovely jardinere in pressed brass or copper can look amazing. You can find some beautiful antique egyptian or chinese ones on different antique web sites. These are Chinese Imperial with enamel and gilt copper paste. They were auctioned at Christie’s and went for a fine price!

Otherwise a good looking and economic choice is the wicker basket. It looks good in all styles of interiors.A lovely shop to find not just French wicker baskets but all sorts of lovely French inspired furniture and homewares is Diafore, 206 Parramatta Road, Annandale. Visit their web site to get an idea on the stock they hold; If you are in the area another must is Elements which has beautiful antiques and they have just received a shipment from France in the last days so it would be an ideal time for a peak! They also have a blog called Elements I love which is a good one to follow if you like imported product.

ChicFinds beauty secrets



Our Australian beauty secret is Ultraceuticals ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream.  It beats all the brands that I have tried in the past which include, Chanel, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Ella Bache, the list goes on. Ultraceuticals is also an Australian product and all information can be found on their web site

Emmanuelle Beart is one of my favorite actresses. I fell in love with her in the film Une Femme Francaise (A French Woman). Her beauty is natural yet you can see she maintains herself without making plastic surgery mistakes. It is interesting as we watch our icons age in an era when you can do so much more than you could in our mothers age. I am of the idea that less is more and the right skin care is very important in the regime of things. Emmanuelle Beart is a beauty icon to me as is Natasha Kinksi and Emmanuelle Seigner as they allow themselves to age in a sexy and confident way. All three of these women evoke a sense of elegance and natural beauty.

Age is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. We must be careful not to take things too far in a time when age can be reversed by needles and creams. For despite being able to work some magic there is still a long way to go to get to natural and so don’t jump in and do too much until you are sure as more and more women are starting to look too alike or worse, look like lip swollen and cheek padded celebrities. Remember less is more and that is a saying that can be applied to not just beauty treatments but to  most things!

Chicfinds tea time

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Tea is a tradition that has been around for centuries and recently I have fallen for some very good herbal infusions and a French tea that laid its foundations in the 17th century.

One of my favorite places to get tea is from Byron Bay Tea company. They have some delicious and very nurturing blends.  Try Immunity with it’s mix of eucalyptus, echinacea, lemon myrtle, licorice and ginger for an invigorating start to the day and finish the day with Calming which has chamomile, vanilla, limeflower and cinnamon. Visit Byron Bay Tea Company online

A real chicfind is the tea from Mariage Freres. Mariage Freres is a French tea which has been around since the 17th century. They pride themselves on the ongoing research for finding perfection in the elegance and refinement of tea.  I suggest you visit Simon Johnson stores in Australia to get to know the various blends which are very exotic. Their web site is also worth a visit for a good read on “The Art of making fine tea”

Chicfinds a new knee length


There comes a time when a certain length is not necessary but more suitable! Not only is it more suitable it is just better looking at a certain age. The knee length looks good worn with a heel but it can also look good with a sneaker or more casual shoe, just depends on the top and the type of fabric. Try it out next time. You will grow to love it and it does feel very sophisticated and truly Chic!


N.21 is the new collection designed by Alessandro Dell Aqua. Not that well know in Australia but very well known in Europe as a designer with an edge. His pieces are very feminine and his latest collection highlights lingere. Image

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Chicfinds one of Sydney’s jewels

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I don’t know about you but shopping malls don’t do it for me at all! It is an American style that has always made me feel a little sad about the idea of shopping and as soon as I enter one of those big malls I start to feel instantly claustrophobic. Where did the boutique shops go or more to the point, where are they going? The world of retail shopping is changing at a rapid pace. The traditional way of shopping is fading fast as online becomes the number one retailer and Australia is now the 3rd biggest consumer online. As I drive around the streets of Sydney I cant help noticing the empty stores with lease signs. In little time the fickle world of fashion is turning yet another leaf! However I did breath some air the other day as I re-visited my favorite shopping haven in Sydney, The Strand Arcade. It is such an icon with it’s elegant features and it stays true to tradition with such a beautiful architecture created by the Englishman, John Spencer. After such a long time I became inspired again with boutiques that take you back in time and represent to you the artisanship behind fashion.Shopping in a place like The Strand Arcade is like a journey, each store tells a story and has an identity which is it’s own. The product is unique and beautiful rather than trendy and attached to the idea of branding via a world of celebrities and consumerism. Haigh’s Chocolates is an Australian family run business that has existed since 1915 and originated in Adelaide. The product is beautifully presented and behind the brand is a solid set of ethics and respect for the product. It is a treat to visit the store and see all the imaginative and creative ideas. Another wonderful fascination is Strand Hatters where it does almost feel like you are walking into another time, a period in which there was a wonderful dignity in dressing and the hat was of up most importance in that tradition. They have so many different varieties from the Top hat to the Fedoras and each has a time and a place.The Strand Arcade remains the haven it always has been when opened in 1892. Not only is it home to many niche boutiques such as Strand Hatters, The Nut Shop and Elie’s leather repair it also has been a starting point for some of Australia’s well known fashion designers such as Lisa Ho, Third Millenium and Sass & Bide. There is also one of Belinda Seper’s stores, The Corner Store which is a wonderland of imported brands including Carven and my favorite Isabel Marant.

Another treat in The Strand Arcade is Pendolino’s restaurant on the 3rd floor. Pendolino’s is well known for it’s home made pasta and olive oil. The olive oil is Australian made and there is an extensive range of fruity flavors that are well worth trying. The dining experience is intimate and comes with attention to detail with waiters that nurture every moment of your time making for a special experience. For an aperitivo or an alternative dining experience there is also La Rosa Bar on the 2nd floor which also offers a chic environment and a menu of lots of easy tastings. For a full directory on the stores in The Strand Arcade visit their web site; X