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Peter Beard is another favorite photographer that also falls under our theme of classic for ChicFinds top August finds. His photography and subjects have a  timeless quality and a raw connection to nature. Often his subjects are not only classic beauty’s like Verushka or Jacqueline Kennedy but the animals of Africa. His diaries have been made into beautiful books and his talent has also been shown in the 2009 Pirelli Calandar. If you get a chance have a look on You Tube at the making of this calandar! Absolutely incredible, wild animals with amazon beauties such as Daria Werbowy and Maria Carla in the African jungle.

Africa inspires many things; some of it is magic. It is one of the most beautiful countries and Peter Beard is a genius at the way in which he captures it. There are few places in the world that offer beautiful African products but I can name two that I feel are a stand out. One is Island Luxe Tribe in Byron Bay and Bangalow. This is a very beautiful store that nurtures the true African product. They also stock some beautiful brands with a timeless quality like Belstaff which is a heritage brand of premium quality.  Orient House in Glebe have some magnificent products from the African theme as well as Oriental and Asian. If you are in Milano you need to visit AOC (African Oriental Craft) in Via Confalonieri. You will find some great pieces there.

Peter Beard

Support Africa in anyway you can by giving money or support to the charity of your choice. They need our help. In the coming weeks I will have a charity to suggest to you and I will have information about this organisation and set up but in the meantime sponsor a child or give a donation so that the giving begins. X

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