Chicfinds August Summer Holidays


Oops, I forgot I no longer live in Europe and so August is no longer my vacation time. What a shame! I am so jealous of all my friends as they go on vacation now and the big European cities become ghost towns while everyone exits to go find some fun, sun and love.

My top 5 are Formentera, Sardegna, Greece, Ibiza and France….Formentera is one of the gorgeous Pine Islands south of Ibiza. It has the most splendid beaches and the waters are crystal clear. The beach culture here is so sensual and relaxing with white sands, sunsets, bars on the beaches with sounds of famous DJ’s. It is still a very natural island and possesses a certain magic. You have go there to know what I mean. For the latest on what’s happening in Ibiza take a look at this informative blog by Maya Claughton.In Greece I would recommend Pathmos, Mykonos and of course Santorini. The islands are magnetic, dynamic and so beautiful you will never forget the energy and forces that you experience when you go. The rhythm is so relaxing you will take no time in feeling like you are a part of its irresistible nature.

Sardegna is the island that takes you captive. Its waters, sands and coast line are unique and so breathtaking you should go around by boat (around the Costa Smeralda). You will be hypnotised by this island and its sensual beauty.Of course there is the Cote d’Azur, but a little secret jewel undiscovered by many is the Ile du Levant. It is a nudist island but you are not forced to be naked. You can enjoy the most sensational nature on this little island with the many scents of the most luscious vegetation surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean. The hotels, restaurants and brasseries are all of a very good standard and add to the chicness and sheer elegance of this tropical and magical paradise. Click here to read more about Ile du Levant and for good deals in travel in general visit

Buona vacanza tutti mie amici vi invidio tanto X

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