Chicfinds inspires lighting from the past


There is probably not a more important element in the home than lighting. Of course comfort in seating and so on is of up most important but you can be seated in absolute luxury  but if you are sitting in neon lighting something is Wrong! Lighting is what creates an atmosphere more than anything else and since modern architecture a lot of lighting has become a part of the home, in the ceiling, walls and floors. It does enhance the structure of your home when you have ceiling lighting and even better, floor and wall but it is a must to compliment it with side lights or lights with beautiful shades. I love wall lights, they are so romantic and create a pathway and a feeling of intimacy. Lighting is so elegant and so much a part of a home’s decor that you can not ignore its complete necessity.Lights are a way of loving ourselves and our space, they break the shadows and light up a corner and a space in such a perfect way.

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