ChicFinds drives us into the sun

There are so many amazing photographers and I would love to profile them all! However for our 5th ChicFind for August we are being transported by the images of  Mikael Jansson who I adore. Mikael Jansson started his career by assisting Richard Avedon and it shows. He says he photographs what he see's, it's as... Continue Reading →


Come Dance With Me

Dance, dance, and dance some more.  One of the most beautiful things to do and it's origins are nostalgic to me, the ballet and the school of ballet are wonderful memories. The dance school is something we can always return to over the course of our life. Maybe not ballet past a certain age but... Continue Reading →

Mario Testino has the Midas touch

Mario Testino is the master at turning the most banal situation into the most glamorous and sexy image. He is famous for photographing well known celebrities and has worked with the best magazines in the world while shooting advertising campaigns for the most luxurious brands in the world. I think of him as having the... Continue Reading →

Chicfinds L’African

Peter Beard is another favorite photographer that also falls under our theme of classic for ChicFinds top August finds. His photography and subjects have a  timeless quality and a raw connection to nature. Often his subjects are not only classic beauty's like Verushka or Jacqueline Kennedy but the animals of Africa. His diaries have been made... Continue Reading →

Chicfinds Handbag Rental

I think in these times it is important to watch what you are consuming and that of course includes fashion items. It is not always necessary to buy something new for an occasion even though it does feel nice to have something different. To make up for that there are a few web businesses that... Continue Reading →

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