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Vogue Paris 2009


Como Shambala by Kate Ayrton for

Wandermelon was launched in 2009 as an independent travel website with four founding professional travel writers and photographers. It is an informative, entertaining and unbiased online resource that combines the latest travel news, inspired articles and visual content all in one online destination, as well as FIT trips and marketing services to clients. We have over over 2500 subscribers, 550 fans on Facebook, over 5500 followers on Twitter, and 15,000 UPM and growing.

Como Shambala by Kate Ayrton

Kate Ayrton

Vogue India

Folding screens

I love folding screens. They are a perfect decoration in any space, big, small, narrow or long. They can be folded up or spread out on an empty wall, They can divide a room when you have a guest to stay or feel like a different look in the use of space. These screens are very beautiful and are hand painted. They are available to buy online at the link above.

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