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Vogue Paris 2009


Como Shambala by Kate Ayrton for

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Como Shambala by Kate Ayrton

Kate Ayrton

Vogue India

Folding screens

I love folding screens. They are a perfect decoration in any space, big, small, narrow or long. They can be folded up or spread out on an empty wall, They can divide a room when you have a guest to stay or feel like a different look in the use of space. These screens are very beautiful and are hand painted. They are available to buy online at the link above.


Beautiful things

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

There is something comforting about a clock in a room. They ring of stability, constancy and security. They look great in all rooms from the kitchen to the hall way. You can find some beautiful clocks in the antique stores on Queen Street in Woollahra but if you are looking for something a little less expensive take a look at Jim & Jane on Booth Street, Annandale. If your in London you can find the French looking clocks at Portobello Markets or for the more authentic try Duck Egg Blue in Balmain.

I don’t like the idea of having the phone by the bedside as I am sure it is not good for you and so I think there will be a return also on the alarm clock. I have been searching everywhere for something practical yet pretty and these are perfect.

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Prada Summer 11

Prada Summer 11

Stripes are simple to do and yet they can transform a space. They look good in all colours from a soft yellow to navy blue, in all spaces from the kitchen to the bathroom. Stripes are refreshing whether worn or lived in. They have a classic quality that never ages nor do you grow tired of them. If you or a space needs a little lift then stripes are a perfect chic find!

Isabel Marant AW10/11