Picture frames


Picture frames are definately one of my passions. I love what you can do with them in terms of framing options. I then love even more the idea to have a framed image that becomes a part of your every day. I think frames can enhance a dead space whether it be on a side board or on the wall. They can be more work than they are made out to be especially if you are hanging them and framing them yourself.  It is a good idea to get help or too take your project one step at a time. There are some wonderful framers around Sydney but it is worth going to a few to get quotes as they can be very expensive. A more thrifty way is to source from markets and vintage/antique stores. There are some great stores on Parramatta Road which have old frames that you can renovate yourself.


Beautiful things

ChicFinds parasols at the Market Collections store on Hall Street. The store was originally much larger and was one of the side roads off Hall Street. Now it is a little further up on the right. She has the balinese style parasol which are very pretty as decoration or in the garden. I love all styles of parasols and think they are a lovely alternative to the beautiful Venetian lightshades.

Chanel show

Loving Linen


Loving Linen at the moment in the homewares world. I visited a favorite shop in Woollahra the other day, Cotton Love and they have a beautiful selection of linen. The curtains are amazing and come in two different weights and lots of amazing tones. The product comes from Paris and is also reasonably priced. Check out Cotton Love, they have a beautiful selection of gifts and homewares.


Monsieur Jacques Garcia


He has been called the ‘master of French style’  with one of his projects being Hotel Costes which is one of mine and my girlfriends, Siliva’s favorite spots to visit when in Paris. I am absolutely obsessed with his lighting choices. I love the wall lights, shades and ambience infused lighting tricks that he uses.  If you also like this style and are visiting Paris, drop in ,even if it is just for an apperitivo, or visiting Marrakech (one of my favorite cities) visit La Mamounia and in New York dine at Spice Market. So chic!

Wall lights at Hotel Costes

ChicFinds Lace

Beautiful things

Lets face it, winter is upon us and during those cold evenings or early mornings dressing is not quite as easy as it is in summer so we might need a bit of inspiration. ChicFinds lace as the best inspirtation this winter. Such a traditional textile can been represented in so many ways as it suggest femininity it its purest form.

Favorites; Erin Wasson shot by Meisel for Vogue Paris Dress up in lace



ChicFinds stockings in all the high street stores like Sportsgirl, Bardot and at the markets or vintage stores. One amazing vintage store is Eva’s on Johnston Street, Annandale. She has an amazing selection of vintage dresses, furs, shirts and accessories from all periods. Eva’s Vintage and Designer clothing is really worth a look as she has some of the best you will find. http://www.evasvintage.com

Vogue Paris