ChicFinds Suitcase Rummage

ChicFinds loves a market and Suitcase Rummage is a fantastic new concept.

Suitcase Rummage is a mini scaled market held all over Australia, Perth, Sydney, Queensland and more.

Here is their story;

“Our Story

Isabel FitzGerald and Daniele Constance started Suitcase Rummage over a cup of tea and a brainstorming session.

“We wanted to create an event that we wanted to attend ourselves. We wanted simplicity, we wanted beauty, we wanted local and we wanted community. We loved old suitcases and so the idea started to grow.SRB_2016_Web.jpg

There were also a few things that were important to us which we wanted to infuse into the project we were creating – that it was something to connect community; support local creative industries, design and production; encouraged sustainable practices; was accessible; and used place-making as a way of reinvigorating and creatively activating spaces. So, we came up with Suitcase Rummage which combined these and ultimately (and importantly) brought people ‘back to the town square’.SRJJ2016_Web.jpg

We also realised that there wasn’t a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to test their goods on the market before signing up to one of the bigger markets where vendors might need their own infrastructure, insurance and often need to cover high application fees. We saw a need for a step before this and believed Suitcase Rummage would fill this gap – supporting arts and culture, emerging entrepreuners and small business without the high risk.

At the time, we had heard Brisbane City Council was looking for ways to activate public spaces and so approached them with a few ideas. Council liked the idea and wanted to support it as a one off event as part of Youth Week 2010. We were blown away by the response to our first event – we ended up with 60 stalls and lots of attendees.IMG_0123.jpg

Since then, there has been so much wonderful support from the different local communities that Suitcase Rummage has now grown to be a regular, monthly event in Brisbane and Melbourne – both of which attract up to 150 stalls! We have also collaborated (and continue to collaborate) with a number of festivals including Home Festival, St Jeromes Laneway Festival, Surfers Paradise OneWay Street Festival, Jumpers & Jazz Festival in Warwick, and one-off vintage and community festivals. We’ve worked in partnership with Councils, venues, businesses and community organisations to deliver the various events.SRCposterWeb.jpg

Suitcase Rummage provides a platform and opportunity for creative ideas and initiatives to be planted, tested, nurtured and grown. There is a sense of community that comes with the event which people are drawn to. We believe that supporting and engaging with arts and cultural industries is vital to a healthy and connected community. What place doesn’t thrive when it has a flourishing arts and cultural industry?”

Go for a bargain, a swap, or an old fashioned haggle. Suitcase Rummage is not to be missed! Check out the coming event dates;



ChicFinds Career Advice

Five daily habits to advance your career by Michael Page

Successful people have certain qualities. But what are these desirable traits, and can they really further your career? The short answer is yes. Here are five simple and effective ways to better yourself and keep your career moving forward.

1) Surround yourself with smart people

You are the sum of your parts, and this goes for the company you keep as well. Spend time with intelligent people who challenge and advance your thinking. The ultimate entrepreneur, Richard Branson, is a big advocate for this, and the famous American industrialist Henry Ford, also once said, “I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.” Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know – and align yourself with someone who does.
Actively seek out passionate, successful individuals. Attend workshops or events that are specific to your field and join relevant professional groups. You can reach out to thought leaders or potential mentors through LinkedIn. Be realistic, choose someone in your industry/function that could take time out of their schedule to meet you. Once you have established contact it is easy to suggest a quick coffee. It really is that simple. People enjoy offering support and providing advice, provided they are approached in the right manner. By building your own personal community of inspiration, you will put yourself in the box seat to land career opportunities.

2) Picture your success

Numerous studies have proven that mental imagery readies your brain for success and increases your performance in real life. If you can see it, you can make it happen. It might sound far-fetched, but there is no denying that it works. Many famous athletes, actors, doctors and business people credit their accomplishments to using visualisation to help manifest their success. Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for $10m dated five years ahead and carried it in his wallet until he landed his role for Dumb and Dumber that – yes – paid him that $10m.


Set aside a few minutes every morning to see yourself in your ideal career. Close your eyes, relax and imagine every single detail as if it were happening now. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How are you feeling? What are you wearing? Banish any doubts if they arise and allow yourself to dream big. The more often you do this, the more purpose and direction you will have and the closer you will come to achieving your wildest dreams. Give it a try, it can’t hurt.

3) Hone your skills

It is as simple as it sounds. Sharpen one skill and make it your sword. Find out what you are good at and invest the time to become great at it. If you can show employers that you are an expert in something and can help them corner the market by being their expert, you will move from being simply a decent prospect to a must-have part of any company.
Keep your internet presence up to date and relevant. Try some of the following:
  • Write your own blog or guest post on an industry blog
  • Produce a five minute YouTube video showcasing your strengths (e.g. a ‘How-To’)
  • Tweet on a daily basis as an industry expert
  • Create and update your own professional website
  • Develop a podcast
  • Write and post relevant articles on LinkedIn
If you’re really keen you could even target potential employers with something tailored just for them, like this woman who created a resume for Airbnb.

5) Engage with one new person a day (or reconnect with someone)

Relationships are at the core of all success and happiness. People do business with people they like, and you can never have too many friends. When Bill Clinton was 22, he carried around a notebook and wrote down the names and particulars of everyone he met. His genuine interest in people, together with his vision for the future, led to his eventual inauguration as the president of the USA.

Leave your normal social circle and connect with people you’ve never met before. Connect through LinkedIn or email people who already have your dream job. Clearly describe how you can help them and why they should meet you. You would be surprised how many people are more than happy to catch up for a coffee – if you’re buying – and share their knowledge and expertise. Even consider hosting your own events with a colleague or starting your own group. In no time you will build a far reaching network of friends, followers, and thought leaders.

ChicFinds adds to the list of step, Icons. List your Icons, people that you admire and look up too. Figures that you have watched over the years and continued to have an assimilation with.

And lastly stay away from negative people. People that don’t know what it is to earn their own money and have a career. Always be careful where and from who you get your advise as its freely given often by those non the wiser.

Watch this space X

Chicfinds for kids


The search for nice children’s wear, footwear and accessories continues! On my visits to most states around Australia I continually bump into the same type of product in the children’s boutiques that I visit. Bright and laree colours, logo’s and funny (but not) t-shirts or over frilly and over embellished. Say nothing of the hideous footwear and cheap accessories.  Until recently when Chicfinds found a beautiful boutique in Clovelly, Sydney.

The Kido Store has to be the best store I have found to date in Australia. There is a beautiful mix of product from home wares to optical and everything is different and unique. I love the footwear collections! The most gorgeous brands and favourite of all is Anniel from Montebulluna in Italy.  Anniel was  established in 1976 and is all hand made with a strong inspiration coming from ballet tradition. It is well known for its unique design and highest quality.


Another brand to have a look at is Manuela de Juan. The footwear is beautiful and hand made in Spain. There is something for everyone in the collection from casual to dressy. imagesCIOBCJNB

There is a beautiful mix of clothing and accessories. One of the stand out accessory brands is  y Atsuyo et Akiko; a brand from Brooklyn, NY. Delicate and well put together the accessories are whimsical and pretty without being tacky. They have a theatrical feel to them which resonates also in their clothing. Another favourite accessory brand is the funky optical rang from Son’s and Daughters. f0156639_17581691SDE-Sun-Pixie-PnkWht-F-310

One of my favourite clothing brands in Kido is Louise Misha from Paris. A gorgeous French brand that has lovely cuts, colours and prints with a true French feel reminiscent of Bonpoint and Marie Chantal but at half the price. Dresses come in at around $129.00. By the way in case you didn’t know the wonderful Grace Tales by Georgie Abay creator of knitwear line Atelier/Child has a shopping facility on her web site and it is very Chic!

The boutique is in Clovelly and has a pop up store in Enmore plus they operate a very good online boutique.

Louise misha.png


Chicfinds fashion brand MLM The Label

I am loving this brand; MLM The Label. It’s fresh, minimalistic and contemporary with good shapes and easy wear options. Created by Julia Softley and named after her twin sisters; Camille (Millie) and Corinne (Min). The Label has a fresh approach to classic wear with basic tops and pants and dresses that drape in the right places with fabrics that create great shapes.


shale-dress-black-frontI love the black and white, the pastels and gingham. The dresses are an average of $149.00-$199 and the tops are all around the $100 to $149. You cant go wrong! mlm.jpg


A true ChicFind. Visit their web site to shop on line


A presto X



Chicfinds pole dancing

Leave behind your preconceived ideas about Pole Dancing and let Chicfinds tell you that getting fit can be FUN! We have discovered the best craze to come in fitness. Its got a little bit of yoga, a little bit of pilates, jazz, contemporary dance with a pole. Rather than having to take every leap, bend and crunch on your own, you have a pole to support you and a room full of great girls all having a good time. It feels like your in a dance studio rather than a florescent lit gym with competitive and intimating faces all around.Anna, Edie, Cameron, Karlie, Liya, Rianne And Mica By Inez And Vinoodh For Vogue Paris May 2015

Its so much fun you don’t notice the pain of the push ups or the crunch and you feel really motivated to get the best results.

Anna, Edie, Cameron, Karlie, Liya, Rianne And Mica By Inez And Vinoodh For Vogue Paris May 2015a

The other element of Pole that makes it such a great sport is that its completely Girly. You can get gilizy, glamorous or go sporty. Even if there is some boys in the odd class its like a girl club and you can be a girl one hundred percent.Anna, Edie, Cameron, Karlie, Liya, Rianne And Mica By Inez And Vinoodh For Vogue Paris May 2015ga

Getting fit feels sexy and fun instead of a chore or another to do on your to do list. A great time out, a date with yourself and other chicks swinging their hips. If you want a bit of yoga, pilates and dance class with great results give Pole a go. Visit or a studio in your area.














Chicfinds Tim Walker irresistible!

Chicfinds loves and adores the photography of Tim Walker. His images are mystical and full of fantasy. His style tells a story that is whimsical and reminiscent of fairy tales and childhood stores.

Tim Walker’s photography is composed and stylized. His subjects are romantic and beautiful with an innocence and purity. Often depicting a English flavor they are never sexy .

“Tim Walker – British born, London based photographer Tim Walker is one of the most exciting photographers of our time. He  has established himself at the cutting edge of fashion photography. Walker began his photographic journey working as a freelance assistance in London before moving to New York to work with American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon. Returning to England inspired, he focused mainly on his portrait and documentary work for UK newspapers, before at the age of 25 shooting his first fashion story for Vogue. His innovative photography is amongst the most imaginative and exuberant being produced today. Tim’s work regularly features in style and fashion magazines including British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Italian Vogue, W and Harpers Bazaar, he has also created and advertising campaigns for exclusive clients such as Comme des Garcons and Gap. Extraordinary environments and people are the things that he finds the most inspiring. He has published some books such as ‘STORY TELLER’ in 2012 and ‘PICTURES’ in 2008 as well. He also received bunch of awards for instance The Isabella Blow Award for fashion creator from the British fashion council in 2008 and in 2010 his first short film went on to win best short film at the Chicago United Film Festival. ”